How do we do it?



Through engagement, efficiency, transparency, and independence.

People who hire a lawyer do so out of a need for legal counsel which generally creates a certain amount of anxiety. The client wants to feel understood, supported and needs to fully trust the people charged with assessing and solving the problem. It is not just about meeting the rational problem; people’s feelings are at play here, too. The best approach to try to instil calm in the midst of a setback that makes one feel vulnerable is professionalism and clarity. The client needs to understand the procedure that will ensue and know about the status of the situation at every step along the way.

Our commitment is reflected by our engagement with the client, our efficiency working and the transparency we provide throughout the process. All of this would not be possible without the independence and courage we have demonstrated since 2000.




It is the fundamental premise that we demand from everyone who collaborates with any lawsuit. We do not understand a job where all of the team members do not work shoulder-to-shoulder with the client to offer the fastest and most effective solution possible.

Each case, each arising issue will be analysed and studied in detail to be addressed strategically from any pertinent field of law.



Efficiency and Effectiveness

In any case there are complex factors that require customized and tailored answers. Efficiency in the methods and effectiveness in the results, this is the way we work at García-Petit AbogadosLaw Firm to avoid unnecessary costs in terms of time, money and human resources.

The study and knowledge of new market trends and its influence on sectors of the economy enable us to adjust to real needs and foresee the changes.



At García-PetitAbogadosLaw Firm we believe that any professional relationship must be based on trust and honesty, that is why we advocate for having a fluid, sincere and direct relationship.

New technical advances enable us to adapt to our clients’ specific needs and to approach issues with the utmost speed. Today, technology makes it possible for us to maintain a regular and dynamic flow of information with our defendants.


Courage and Independence

We do not back down from a challenge. In fact, we welcome each new case because we are ready to take on difficult situations. We are used to facing matters with many clients involved, to having large companies and Public Authorities as clients or opponents… and yet we are always absolutely free and willing to fight for your interests.

We work with specialists from various fields to offer an assessment and the best recommendations for each case. This is because when you work with a team of talented professionals, no challenge is too big.


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